Welcome to Borealis Software Ltd

About Us

At Borealis Software, we aim to provide a diverse range of products and services that meet a customer's requirements and also provide excellent value for money. Customers can benefit from diverse experience gained from working in industry sectors such as:

  • CAD
  • embedded applications and device control
  • financial services
  • web service development

Previous Clients

Since being formed, Borealis Software has worked with such customers as:

  • Veripos - control software for new satellite positioning hardware
  • Kromek - control and image processing software for the detection of dangerous substances in an airport baggage scanner
  • Intelliscan - GIS systems for BT network interrogation
  • Art Department - web application development

Looking Ahead

The future promises to be an exciting time for Borealis Software with a new product nearing completion, entry into the mobile application market and potential partnerships and joint ventures with other local companies.

Contact us today to become a part of that future.