Welcome to Borealis Software Ltd.

Bespoke Development

Because of the wide variety of experience gained, Borealis Software is ideally placed to deliver all types of bespoke applications to suit customer requirements on any platform whether desktop, server or web-based.

All Borealis Software clients are allocated their own private client area which contains a Trac issue and release tracking wiki-based application along with a download area and any live demos that are appropriate to the engagement.

A brief summary of some of the languages and technologies that Borealis Software has successfully used in commercial situations and can provide for clients include:

  • .NET-derived technologies: C#/VB.NET/managed C++, ASP.NET, WPF
  • Web-based tools: Django web framework, LAMP/WAMP server stacks, jQuery AJAX library
  • Languages: C/C++, .NET languages, Python, Java, PHP, Javascript, Visual Basic 6.0
  • Web and internet standards: XML standards, HTML/XHTML, CSS, javascript, HTTP, sockets
  • Legacy frameworks: COM/ActiveX, MFC and wxWidgets
  • Databases: SQL Server 200x, MySQL

As well as the regular things, particular areas of expertise and interest to Borealis that set us apart from other consultancies include:

  • Mathematical based solutions - computational geometry, simulation, numerical modelling
  • Constraint solving scenarios - scheduling, logistics (please see our upcoming Tempo product)
  • Django-based web applications. Django is rapidly gaining acceptance as a superior rapid-development web framework and with the use of the IronPython .NET language, can now easily run on a Windows/IIS server and leverage a full .NET-based infrastructure.