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Tempo Constraint Engine

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The Tempo constraint engine is an advanced software component that provides a novel approach to the deceptively simple, yet highly complex, problem of solving constraints placed on a collection of variables. It aims to provide scalable performance with a minimal appplication footprint.

Tempo is being developed to form the foundation for further Borealis products, so flexibility is a key goal - hence the engine is sufficiently general in purpose that it can be used effectively in any constraint-solving application, e.g. scheduling or timetabling applications.

The core Tempo engine is written in C++ for maximum flexibility, but is also supplied with supported bindings for the following languages to simplify integration into most desktop- and web-based application environments:

  • any .NET language
  • python

Please note: bindings for other languages such as Perl will be available upon request but will not have the same level of support as the core library and supported bindings.

Tempo customers have the option of integrating the Tempo engine into their software themselves, or hiring Borealis Software to do the integration as a service.

Tempo is scheduled for release in early 2011, but if you're interested in further details, please contact us at your convenience to discuss your requirements.